About Us

Vehicles.me is an online portal for buying top of the line new and used cars. We have the finest 2016 and 2017 model automobiles.

The dominant feature of Vehicles.me is the fact that whether you are listing an automobile or buying one, both services are free.

Our business may be new to some locations; however, to those that have utilized other locations, both browsing and actual buyers found our selections to be extensive and sophisticated. The models that we carry are those that are in demand. Also offered on Vehicles.me are the finest in European and American models that are sold in the UAE, which is known for luxury and quality.

Browsing through our site gives the seeker the opportunity to look casually without being harassed by a salesperson looking to receive a commission.

Privacy is another key factor in listing or buying a car. In the event that you are listing an automobile, those who are not serious about purchasing your vehicle will not be able to annoy you. Vehicles.me are classified listings of new and used cars, not a dealership.

Our name indicates the specifications of our services, which is vehicles for you. We realize that there are many .com sites for both new and used cars. What sets our site apart is the fact that once you browse the site of Vehicles.me,there will be no annoying contact unless you want to reach out to the seller, this only happens because of how unique and original idea our site is.

Our services are discreet; as of our customer demands, this is what we deliver. Our services that are offered are by far more advanced and more comfortable than than an online dealerships average online.

Our listings will refer you to the dealerships and /or private person that carry the automobile you desire. The automobiles are located worldwide and the referrals are free. Looking for the right automobile for you can be a daunting task, if running from dealership to dealership or from website to website. Exotic automobiles are found at dealerships that specializes in exotic vehicles.